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Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

something helpless that wants our love.”

in its deepest essence,

"Perhaps everything that frightens us is,



Let me know what weighs heaviest on your heart, and how you are living life through the life/death process. That is the best way for me to feel and understand the situation and your needs. Thank you in advance for reaching out to me.

See the simplified list of services and rates below. This will give you an idea of several areas that will support you. Often there is overlap and multi-layering of support. Each and every situation is personal, unique, creative, and sacred. Once engaged, I am committed to you and your circle of carers––as much or as little as you need; in-person, via phone, or video conference.

Spiritual Care

  • Initial 30-Minute Consultation – Gratis
  • Spiritual Care 45-Minute Sessions 6X Recommended
    –– in person, by phone, by video conference


  • Initial 30-Minute Consultation – Gratis
  • Educational Services ($90/hr*)
  • Identifying Beliefs, Values, and Goals of Care ($420*)
  • Planning and Documenting Preferences ($90/hr*)
  • Advanced Medical Directive Planning and Implementation ($120/person*)
  • Advocacy with Family and Medical Team ($120/hr*)
  • Family Planning Meetings ($120/hr*)
  • Family and Medical Team Meetings ($120/hr*)

End-of-Life Care

  • Initial 30-Minute Consultation – Gratis
  • Spiritual Care ($90/45-Minute Session*)
  • Developing Values-Based Care Plan ($420*)
  • Companionship and Support Services for Client and/or Family ($60/hr*; Minimum 6 hrs)
  • Educational Services ($90/hr*)
  • Legacy Services: Ethical Will, Auto-Obituary, Creative Arts ($90/hr*)
  • Vigil ($60/hr*)
  • Follow-Up Consultation – Gratis

Integrative Healing Arts

  • Initial 30-Minute Consultation – Gratis
  • Private Sessions ($108/hr*)
  • Small Group Sessions: 2-6 People ($160/hr*)

Peace of Mind

  • Peace-of-Mind Retainer ($2400 @ $120/hr*)

Living Wakes / Funerals / Memorials

  • Initial 30-Minute Consultation – Gratis
  • Planning, Coordination, Creative Services ($90/hr*)
  • Companionship and Support Services for Client and/or Family ($60/hr*; Minimum 6 hrs)
  • After Death Care and Funeral Consultation ($1500*)
  • Family-Directed Home Funeral ($2500*)
  • Living Wake/Funeral/Memorial Ceremony Officiant ($400-$800*)
  • Cremation/Graveside/Scattering of Ashes Ceremony Officiant ($400-$800*)
  • Energetic Home Clearing ($400-800*)
  • Follow-Up Consultation – Gratis


* Mileage reimbursement is additional over 25 miles from 12498. Cost for forms, legal documents, notary services, and services from adjunct professional providers are additional.

If you have a legitimate need for reduced fees, need for a customized payment plan, or would like to offer another form (or hybrid form) of energy exchange, please let me know. 

For more detailed descriptions, please visit these sections:

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