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Spirit of the Wind, carry me home to myself.”

Spirit of the Wind, carry me home

“Spirit of the Wind, carry me



You can provide grieving loved ones great comfort in knowing that they have done everything you would have liked, in the way you would like it. This is true love in action––both from you lovingly setting it up for the ease of your loved ones whose hearts will be breaking, and from them completing the mission of following through with delivering your final wishes. See Planning.

“The highest human practice is cultivating a connection to the source of creation and creativity. From that source, the wellspring of all good things emerges” (unknown)

I was inspired by one woman known as a fabulous gardener. She enjoyed her final weeks resting in her own beloved garden as much as possible while friends and family visited according to her strength. Her great joy in this farewell was in giving each loved one certain plant cuttings she had prepared, along with a personalized note of fond shared memories. Upon leaving, each person wrote a memory card to her that her adult daughters read to her again and again as she was in her final stages––providing ongoing connection, comfort, and love. It was simple, personal, and very meaningful to all.

I hope these image montages of resources inspire you. Looking into options is not morbid; it is realistic and empowering. There are an increasing number of personal and reasonably-priced choices. And, there is unlimited possibility for creativity and legacy.

Go online and explore. Then connect with me to discuss what interests you––from humble to the sublime, from sacred to secular. Through your choices, you will find just the right way to express your values and share a meaningful, conscious dying with those you love.

Announcements and Programs (Print and Online)

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Loving Remains

  • Shrouds
  • Cremation Caskets
  • Alternative Green Burial
    • Pine Boxes
    • Wicker Caskets
    • Organic Body Pods
    • Tree Root
    • Planters
  • Cremains Hourglass
  • Urns
  • BioDegradable Urns
  • Pet Coffins and Urns
  • Memorial Cremation Jewelry

Creative Memorial Ideas

  • Garden Stones
  • Garden Benches
  • Comfort Blankets
  • Memory Boxes
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Memory Lights
  • Wind Chimes
  • Plaques

Legacy Media

  • Legacy Video
  • Memorial Collage/Montage
  • Loved Ones’ Reflections Video
  • Life Reflection Animated Still Photos
  • Memory Boards
  • Memory Books
  • Memory Cards

Rituals / Ceremony / Celebration

  • Funeral or Memorial Services (Traditional, Sacred, Secular)
  • Altar Dressing
  • Meditation Sanctuary
  • Sound Healing & Drum Circle
  • Singing/Chanting
  • Blessing Trees
  • Ceremonial Food
  • Butterfly Release
  • Birds in Flight
  • Fire Release
  • Sky Lanterns
  • Seed Planting
  • Personalized Theme

We couldn’t plan our own baby shower welcome, but we can certainly plan for our meaningful farewell. Would you like to have a Living Wake to enjoy friends and family while you have the strength and interest? How would you like to be cared for and by whom? How would you like your body to be handled? How do you want to be remembered? Would you like to make it easier on those you leave behind? Do you have some ideas that you want to make sure get included?

Plan how you would like to be cared for and remembered as much as it comforts you. Involve others, write it down, and share with your Circle of Carers. I can support you.

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