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Dying. It's natural.

…shining light upon meaning
and hope...

…releasing shadows and fears…

…giving rise to longing, separation, and homecoming…

Dying. It's natural

“Dying is a most human experience, not a medical event. With heart-sourced transition guidance it can be unique, fulfilling, and charged with wonder for all involved.” Rev. Lynda Elaine Carré

Wellspring Passages

Even as we are dying––to the moment, a dream, a desire, a belief, a relationship, a life–– we are part of creation unfolding. We pay attention to what has meaning and heart, and learn what is true for each of us and collectively for all of us. We remain open to the outcome unfolding for the highest good. We can find our way to healing, integration, gratitude, hope, and love. We recognize that we are part of the natural order and the cycle of life we see around us and experience through us.

Dying is an incredibly creative and heroic journey. We move through fear. We have the difficult conversations. We grapple and dig and get messy. We get rearranged as we travel through new states of mind, heart, and social territory. The process of dying includes uncertainty, obstacles, crossroads, and detours. Gloriously the dying process also always includes unforeseen opportunities for healing, growth, and a return to wholeness.

When journeying through Life’s darkest and most challenging of human passages––living with chronic illnesses, terminal diagnoses, dying, and death––the terrain is less frightening and more filled with wonder and curiosity when supported by a dedicated, seasoned spiritual care companion.

It is my life’s purpose to support those in our community to live fully and creatively through aging, dying and death–in unique and personal ways that matter most to them. Often the process takes the form of moving through confusion or despair, challenging self-limiting beliefs, realignment to changes in interpersonal and familial dynamics, healing fragmented relationships, storytelling, making meaning, cultivating hope, and listening to the wisdom of the heart.

Through compassionate relationship-based spiritual care interventions, people reawaken to their own wellspring of resources. They tap into their inner wisdom; they learn from the inner teacher all of us have; they become ever-more conscious, co-creative participants in their life.

Call on me for consultation, guidance, peace-of-mind, advocacy, relief, and relationship-based spiritual care. I contribute specialized expertise to your own, or your loved one’s, end-of-life circle of trusted caregivers. Learn how, together, you can cultivate and sustain spiritual well-being regardless of what is dying for you. I would like to guide you toward creating an enriching experience and the conditions to live life to the fullest while you can.

Palliative Spiritual Care

Skillful care of the spiritual, emotional, and existential needs of the terminally ill can rekindle trust, alleviate pain and despair, make meaning, and give rise to hope. Read more

End-of-Life Care

Information and experienced support can take away the fear of Death. There are choices and options about how you want your end of life to look, feel, and be. Read more

Integrative Healing Arts

Heart-centered ancient wisdom, energy therapy, sound healing, aromatherapy, breathwork, and specialized techniques stimulate feeling relaxed, expanded, and energized, especially at end-of-life. Read more


Dedicated, experienced advocacy in alignment with the dying one’s uniquely personal goals and values makes things easier, meaningful, and fulfilling for the family, friends, and medical professionals involved on the care team. Read more

Peace of Mind

I can support you wherever you are. Communication, information, resources, and tools enable carers—even at distances apart––to embrace the highs and lows in the journey of their loved one’s dying. Read more


Family-directed home funerals allow family and friends precious time to honor their loved one, accept and integrate the loss, say goodbye in their own time and in their own way, and begin the healing process. Read more